A global leading quartz manufacturer with high purity and precision.   Integrated Application Design Lab (IAD-Lab) offers premium quality of industrial and lab grade of natural and synthetic quartz products for usage in biochemical experiments, scientific testings, semiconductor manufacturing, fiber optic material, special lighting compartment, and laser related machinery.  IAD-Lab is dedicated to providing customers with a full product range of affordable, high quality, reliable industrial quartz solutions utilizing state of the art Plasma Quartz technology. Our designated manufacture is Quick Gem Optoelectronic S&T Co., Ltd (Quick Gem), a global leading Plasma Quartz manufacturer with 65 years of industrial expertise. In the early 2000s, Quick Gem has merged with 605 Research & Development Lab, the first national quartz facility established in 1958. IAD-Lab has formed strategic and exclusive partnership for the overseas market with Quick Gem since the corporate merging.