• 1958Establishment

    Establishment of The Quartz Workshop in Beijing Glass Factory, and the first transparent quartz tube was successfully trial-produced, which symbolized the company as the founder of China quartz glass industry.
  • 1960Beijing 605 Factory

    The Quartz Workshop was renamed to be Beijing 605 Factory, a top national grade facility.
  • 1960Two-Step tube drawing technology

    The two-step tube drawing technology - mother tube (∮60-80mm) making by flame fusion and secondary tubing by high frequency furnace was invented.
  • 1962Synthetic quartz technique

    the synthetic quartz technique was successfully developed adopting preparation method of hydrolysis of silicon tetrachloride (SiCl4).
  • 1975Optical fiber application quartz tube

    undertook the R&D project of optical fiber quartz tube, and invented the two-step tubing production process based on ingot making by silicon tetra-chloride synthetic technology for first step.
  • 1976No.1 National Task

    Set up a special team to complete ”No.1 National Task” - using silicon tetra-chloride (SiCl4) synthetic quartz process to make Chairman MAO’s crystal sarcophagus.
  • 1978Flame fusion and electrical melting

    invented the manufacturing technique of two-step process - flame fusion and electrical melting.
  • 1983Silver medal

    Beijing brand quartz instrument and glass ware were awarded “silver medal” by National Quality Awards Review Committee.
  • 1984Performance of fabricating and fiber drawing

    Imported MCVD deposition lathes and drawing towers, the technology for preform fabricating and fiber drawing were available.
  • 1985Secured the technology leading position

    Introduced tailor made mass production line by Saint-Gobain France - ingot manufacturing by plasma and intermediate frequency non-contact tubing, which deeply secured the technology leading position of Beijing 605 factory in the quartz industry, making us one of the three largest suppliers in the world for optical fiber application substrate tubes and jacket tubes.
  • 2001Quick Gem Optoelctronic S & T Co., Ltd

    Relocated to Langfang Economic & Technical Development Zone in Hebei Province, and Quick Gem Optoelctronic S & T Co., Ltd. was established after corporate restructuring.
  • 2002IAD--Overseas Market Expansion

    Formal expansion into overseas market with exclusive partnership of IAD, covering EU, Asia, and North America.
  • 2005National Torch Program Certificate

    Our high purity quartz material for optical fiber obtained the National Torch Program Certificate.
  • 2007National High-tech Industrialization Project Award

    Our high purity quartz material for optical fiber was awarded the honor of National High-tech Industrialization Demonstration Project, which made us the only enterprise in China winning the award.
  • 2008National Key New Product Certificate

    Our optical fiber application quartz jacket tube obtained National Key New Product Certificate issued by the Ministry of Science & Technology of China.
  • 201070% market shares in lab equipment

    Our products occupied 70% market shares in scientific research lab equipment in the Chinese market
  • 2013National 863 Project

    Undertook National 863 Project---research and application of large core diameter energy fiber and medical dispersion devices.
  • 2014Optic-fiber sensing

    The Optic Fiber Sensing Department was built and entered the optic-fiber sensing field.
  • 2015National Defense Science & Technology Progress Award

    The project of high strength composite quartz new material with UV cutoff function won the third prize of National Defense Science & Technology Progress Award.
  • 2016New Research and Development Center

    New Research and Development Center was completed, focusing on semiconductor equipment material such as quartz wafer boat and crucible.
  • 2017Large size quartz cylinder

    The project of large size quartz cylinder for single-model optical fiber preform application entered the industrialization development stage.